Physician Alliance of Stamford

Designed by physicians, for physicians, to meet the challenges of the future.

Developed and governed by independent physicians in partnership with Stamford Hospital, the mission of Physician Alliance of Stamford is to support practices in our community to keep them independent. 

Physician Alliance of Stamford is a management services organization (MSO) and is designed to allow private practice physicians to maintain 100% control over their practice and their future.

What is a Management Services Organization?

Management services organizations provide practice management and administrative support services to large group practices and solo practices.

Our Story...Our Mission

Since its inception, Stamford Hospital has recognized that it needed to define “serving the community” as not only catering to our patients and families, but also providing our community physicians with an acute care facility worthy of their medical staff membership.

We utilized our physician engagement and alignment survey to solicit feedback from our community physicians as to how Stamford Hospital could better partner with them to help them navigate the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Our goal was to become a more strategic business partner to assist our physicians in keeping their independent practices thriving in a challenging healthcare environment.

We listened to the feedback and realized we needed to focus our efforts on decreasing the burden of practice operating expenses and practice administration. Therefore, we officially launched the Physician Alliance of Stamford (“PAS”) as a management services organization in November 2017. PAS is rapidly growing and is all about helping independent practices thrive.

In the last six months, PAS has developed an array of “core services” approved by our independent physician advisory board panel.

As these core services have been implemented, savings realized, and administrative burdens reduced, some of our original physician advisory panel members have become active members of PAS. 

Why choose Physician Alliance of Stamford?

    • We understand no two practices are alike
    • We work hand-in-hand with your practice and tailor the solutions that fit your needs
    • Products and services have been chosen by independent physicians on the Stamford Hospital medical Staff

Interested in PAS Membership? 

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