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What is a Management Services Organization?

MSO is an organization that provides non-clinical services to providers to enhance revenues, contain costs and improve quality. Practices - receive significant administrative assistance. Physicians - maintain increased level of autonomy.
At PAS, our primary purpose is to relieve our physician members of non-medical business functions so they can focus on the clinical aspects of their practice.

  • Our Story
    Feedback from our community led us to creating an alliance that decreases the burden of practice operating expenses and administration. Since 2017, we've been helping independent practices thrive.

  • Member Benefits
    From supporting vaccine programs to credit card processing to supply purchasing, PAS is here to help you focus on what matters most - providing exceptional patient care.

  • Meet our Leadership
    Designed by physicians for physicians, the PAS leadership team and Board is dedicated to providing area physician practices with programs that help their healthcare service flourish.

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    Becoming a member of PAS is easy. Simply complete this simple form and we will be in touch with you.

Why choose Physician Alliance of Stamford?

We understand no two practices are alike. We work hand-in-hand with your practice and tailor the solutions that fit your needs. Products and services have been chosen by independent physicians on the Stamford Health medical staff.

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From Our Physicians

  • Todd Palker, MD

    As a private practice group, we’re all very busy taking care of our patients – they’re our priority. But we also understand we have a business to run. Being a part of PAS offers us concrete value regarding costs savings, an important element in a small practice. In private practice, there are a number of things that are just more expensive because they’re on a smaller scale. We thought we were great negotiators for cost savings related to supplies and vaccines but as it turned out being a part of this group has saved us even more than we thought possible. Financially, there is buying power when you’re part of an Alliance.

    Todd Palker, MD
    New England Pediatrics

  • Tulin Koparan, MD

    As private practitioners, we don’t always have the ability to leverage or negotiate the best price for different services or products such as vaccines. From the beginning, I trusted those who had the vision to form the Physician Alliance of Stamford. I had no reservations about becoming a member, knowing it is run by dedicated physician leaders who work hard to negotiate and secure quality products for its members.

    Tulin Koparan, MD

  • Shieva Ghofrany, MD

    I was part of the team, on the ground floor, working to build the Physician Alliance of Stamford. I understand the value this model brings in helping physician-driven and physician-led practices enhance service and cost-effectiveness. As private practitioners, the cost of doing business, the depth and breadth of the workload and the decreasing reimbursements despite the increasing workload make it a challenging healthcare environment. Being able to stay independent, yet still be part of this group makes it easier for a busy provider to run their business. It’s a win-win relationship.

    Shieva Ghofrany, MD, FACOG
    Coastal Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Tabitha Fortt, MD

    “I’m a clinician, and my priority is my patients. After 12 years managing the administrative functions on my own, PAS has broadened my network of support and expertise in running the day-to-day operations of my practice. It was challenging as a solo, private practitioner to obtain competitive pricing for various services including vaccines, office supplies and credit card processing. Community colleagues offered vendor suggestions but were honest about these recommendations – they weren’t satisfied with the service or pricing these vendors offered. My colleagues would say “it is the best I can recommend.” As part of PAS, I have an administrative team who manages the administrative functions which broaden my network of operational support and expertise. The Alliance takes stock in me and my practice, values my practice and helps me solve administrative problems such as payroll. With their guidance, I have access to vendors, services and businesses that best serve my interest and needs.”

    Tabitha Fortt, MD
    Family Medicine

  • Caleb Moore, MD

    As a concierge medicine provider, PAS makes it easier for me to secure affordable, high-quality services and ancillary products – an added benefit. One of the challenges of running a concierge practice is balancing operational and administrative management time against the priority of delivering comprehensive patient care. Administrative functions take up valuable physician time. PAS understands the unique attributes of my practice and goes to great lengths to help ease the administrative burden by identifying and vetting vendors who meet my needs. Money and time are two valuable resources and PAS offers my concierge practice both. The Alliance does a terrific job recognizing the needs of an independent practitioner and is enthusiastic and willing to explore and uncover new vendor partners and negotiate competitive pricing on my behalf.

    Caleb Moore, MD

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